SHAC website

President:                 Kraig Binversie

Vice President:         Jeremy Bushman

Secretary:                 Chris Neils

Treasurer:                 Jim Mangan


Our Mission

"To provide the opportunity for local youth to learn the game of baseball and softball, the value of teamwork, the value of respect for others, and to experience healthy competition in a safe environment."

About Our Club

membership of the organization. Forty years ago, the School Hill Athletic Club fielded one boy’s team of about 15 players. Today, the program fields 13 teams consisting of over 200 boys and girls ranging from ages 6-18. Each summer, the organization is able to provide the experience of teamwork, competition, sportsmanship and the fundamentals of America’s pastime to those 200 children. The teams compete in the Manitowoc County Youth Sports League. Our regular season begins with game play in early June and runs thru the middle of July. Each team at the end of the season plays in the Manitowoc County Youth Sports Tournament with every age level league across Manitowoc County. Depending on scheduling and timeframe the Manitowoc County Youth Sports Tournament Final is usually the first or second weekend in August. Since the initial inception, the organization and facilities has expanded greatly over the years. We now own the land the ballpark is on, have 5 diamonds, a pitching machine, a volleyball court, a playground for the children to play on and lights on one of our baseball diamonds. Over the years, all of the expenses involved with running the program, upkeep of the property as well as expansions, have been completed by the organization members. The monies needed have been accomplished through numerous fundraising efforts. Each year we host a softball and volleyball tournament, we participate in a pizza sale, we have concession sales during games throughout the summer and end each year with our annual fan appreciation day which includes an auction where all of the items are donated from members and sponsors in the surrounding community.

Our history

Nearly 40 years ago, a number of fathers looking to provide an opportunity for their children to play baseball, formed an organization now known as the School Hill Athletic Club. The concept was very basic. Whatever it took to get a baseball field in place, would be done. It began by plowing up a hayfield, planting grass, creating an infield, installing used snow fence and constructing a backstop made of telephone poles and chicken wire. A lot of volunteer man hours were exhausted but the mission was accomplished. A field for our children to play on! Although that all seems antiquated and outdated by today’s standards, that work ethic and community spirit is still very alive and vibrant within the current